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The Thoreau Piano Trio

"The Thoreau Piano Trio plays beautifully together, with one breath,

exceptional passion and always interesting and engaging.

See them live when you can - highly recommended!"


Tim Lukas, President, Blink Music Studios

Choose one Piece from each Column to Create a Gourmet Program.

Menu for the 2016-17 Concert Season


Beethoven Allegretto, WoO 39


Beethoven Trio in C Minor, Op.1, No.3


Haydn "Gypsy" Trio, Hob. XV:25


Mozart Trio in Bb Major, K. 502

 Palate Cleanser

Martin Boykan Rites of Passage


Jennifer Higdon Pale Yellow


Astor Piazzolla Libertango


William Pfaff commissioned work*


Schubert Nocturne, D. 897

  Main Course

Brahms Trio in B Major, Op. 8


Mendelssohn Trio in C Minor, Op. 66


Ravel Piano Trio


Schubert Trio in Eb Major, D. 929


Shostakovich Trio in E Minor, Op. 67

* To be premiered fall, 2016

 Three Bs

Beethoven Allegretto

Mozart Trio, K. 502

Schubert Trio in Eb Major

Beethoven Op. 1, No. 3

Boykan Rites of Passage

Brahms Trio in B Major

Higdon Pale Yellow

Boykan Rites of Passage, or

    Pfaff commissioned work

Piazzolla Libertango

Shostakovich Trio in E Minor

Mozart Trio, K. 502

Piazzolla Libertango, or

    Pfaff commissioned work

Mendelssohn Trio C Minor

Haydn "Gypsy" Trio

Higdon Pale Yellow

Ravel Piano Trio

 Schnitzel Lovers 2

Sample Programs

  M & P

Eclectic Tastes

Colorful Fare

Haydn "Gypsy" Trio

Schubert Nocturne

Brahms Trio in B Major

 Schnitzel Lovers 1