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2018-2019 Concert Season

For the Birds is a program referencing birds, but also in service of animals. Mozart rescued and kept a starling for many years, so a Mozart trio will launch this program, which will be presented as a benefit for animal shelters and as educational outreach events for children.

Significant Others, a series concept weaving works by women composers, from Clara Schumann to Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, into every program.

Notes and Letters combines readings from composers’ letters along with performances of their concurrent compositions.

Microtonal Steps, a project exploring non-Western tuning systems, begins with the world premiere of “Trio for Violin, Retuned Cello and Piano” by Bill Alves, world-class promoter and composer of microtonal music.

Personal Shorts is a commissioning project, pairing music with short films. Members of the Thoreau Piano Trio will draw upon their strong ties to film music composers.

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